Weight Loss Success Stories

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Anettes success story taking FastslimI've purchased FastSlim diet pills several times, and think they are fantastic. I must say that I have tried many different slimming products over the years but this product is without a doubt the best. For me, they reduce my appetite and gives a extra energy too. Wonderful!!

I highly recommend the pills, and I have even shown them to a doctor who said they were absolutely fine to use.

Trines success story using FastSlimI highly recommend FastSlim. I have never as such found it difficult to follow a diet and lose those extra pounds, but it's always a problem to sustain the weight loss after a diet so I started to use FastSlim. I have lost 7 kg, and I have no trouble keeping my weight so I am really pleased. 

Pernilles success story using FastSlim“Wauw” was my first thought – it almost sounded too good to be true, but since I had some excessive weight myself, I decided to give it a try. 

I first heard about the fastslim pills through a colleague. I noticed that she had lost a lot of weight and wanted to know her secret and that was when she told me about fastslim, and what they had done for her. “Wauw” was my first thought – it almost sounded too good to be true, but since I had some excessive weight myself, I decided to give it a try.The result speaks for itself: I’ve lost 8 kgFINALLY a product that does what it says!When taking the pills, your thirst increases, so make sure to carry a water bottle everywhere. In my case I got increased heart rate, which is perfectly natural since that increases the combustion. Another great thing about fastslim is, that I feel much more rested and have more energy. I do have to remember to eat regularly, because I do not get a hungry as I used to. Now, I use them to keep the weight off.

I am giving fastslim my best recommendations, they are for everyone who wants to lose weight. A lot of my friends and colleagues have tried them as well and I still haven’t heard anyone complaining about not losing weight – because everyone have! :o) 

Bettina success story using FastSlimI lost 9 kg in 3 months from taking the pills without feeling like I was starving. 

Due to the fact that I am a vegetarian, I find it quite difficult to follow the dietary guidelines since most of them are based on eating lots of protein. I then decided to give fastslim a shot and I was definitely pleasantly surprised. I could literally see the pin going down every time I went on the scales. Fastslim is, from my point of view, the best weight loss supplement available.  


Lones succcess story using FastSlimI have been taking the Fast Slim pills since April 2007. After two weeks I could feel the effect of the pills. The effect was so significant that I recommended the pills to my friend, Sarah, who also bought them.

In two months I lost 8 kg while Sarah has lost 5 kg in six weeks. Of course, it is not only the pills that cause the weight loss. You have to consider what you eat, but when taking the pills the sensation of hunger is reduced drastically, which makes it much easier to complete a slimming treatment.

Besides feeling less hungry, the immediate effects of the Fast Slim nature pills for both of us are: Thirst, tingling and hair-raising feelings, which are not unpleasant and which most probably is a sign of an increased digestion. 

Sarah success story using FastSlimThe impact of the Fast Slim pills is so significant that you have to remind yourself to eat in order to avoid low blood sugar by the end of the afternoon. 

It is up to you how often you wish to take the Fast Slim pill. Some people experience the best results when taken a pill each day, while others feel that it is enough to take a pill every two days. However I have chosen to take a pill each day, because I wish to see the results fast.

I still need to lose some kilos to reach my objectives, but I am sure I will get there with the help of the Fast Slim pill.

The Fast Slim pill is not a miracle cure, but an excellent motivation for getting the weight loss started, because you can see the results so fast. So miracle cure or not – it works! 

Tines success story using FastSlimIt has really been difficult for me to reduce my weight even though I live a healthy lifestyle. But within the first months of taking the Fast slim pill I have lost 8 kg, which is fantastic!